Cashmere Bandit Scarf Knitting Pattern Now Available!

Lacy Bandit Scarf #Knitting #Pattern by #VickieHowell | #knit it with Jilly Cashmere Yarn #knitscarf #knittingscarf #bandit #cashmere #knittingpattern #seedstitch #howtoknitlaceCashmere Bandit Scarf Knitting Pattern

The June 2018 YarnYAY! subscription box featured exclusive half-hanks of gorgeous, Dream in Color Jilly Cashmere yarn and the Cashmere Bandit Scarf knitting pattern designed especially for this yarn and yardage.

Now that the June box is no longer available, I’ve put the pattern for purchase in my Ravelry Shop. Nab it now!

Lacy Bandit Scarf #Knitting #Pattern by #VickieHowell | #knit it with Jilly Cashmere Yarn #knitscarf #knittingscarf #bandit #cashmere #knittingpattern #seedstitch #howtoknitlace

Cashmere Bandit Knitting Pattern Materials 

  • Approx 220 yds of Dream in Color Jilly Cashmere, or equivalent fingering-weight yarn
  • Size U.S. 5/3.75 mm needles
  • Stitch marker
  • Tapestry needle
  • Blocking supplies

This piece is the perfect gateway into lace-knitting and knitting a piece from side-to-side. You can make approximately 2 of these scarves with 1 full hank of fingering-weight yarn, which means your holiday gift making just got affordable! Wear this in the summer with a tank top, or use it as a layering piece during the colder months.

Oh, and look how cute you’ll look wearing the Cashmere Bandit scarf!

Cashmere Bandit Scarf Knitting Pattern by Vickie Howell #knitting #pattern #scarf #lacescarf #summerscarf

Just a few of my lovely, YarnYAY! June Box Subscribers donning their Cashmere Bandit scarves!


For more information on YarnYay! by Vickie Howell click below. 

YarnYAY! #Knitting Subscription Boxes with @iamvickiehowell #giftsforknitters

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