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Name: Justine

Age: 29

Location: Chicago, IL

Profession: Until recently I was an Egyptian archaeologist working on my PhD, now I’m figuring out a new path.

Craft(s) of Choice: crochet, knitting, sewing, fabric painting, polymer clay

Blog: http://shovelingferret.blogspot.com

I had wanted to and tried vainly to be “crafty” from the time I was a child, but was never very successful until recently. I’ve had some serious health problems in the past year that rendered me disabled and have changed my career path dramatically. I picked up a set of crochet hooks and a book mostly to keep from going nuts and discovered that not only could I do it, but that I LOVED it. It’s led me to a wide variety of wonderful resources and communities on the internet and a ton of other things I want to try. Now I’m hoping to follow my crafting into a new career path suited to my new circumstances and I’m loving it.

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