Featured Crafter

Name: Nicole Hawley

Age: 31

Location: Utica, N.Y.

Profession: Newspaper Reporter

Crafts of Choice: Crochet (#1 Love), Loom Knitting, Knitting, Paper Crafts, Jewelry Making, Scrapbooking and whatever inspires me at any given moment.

I was 8 or 9 when I remember my grandmother asking me what I wanted for Christmas. I told her I wanted a sewing machine because when I grew up and got a job, I was taking sewing lessons. Well almost seven years out of journalism school and on the job at a local paper, I looked down on my bedroom floor and found a knitting loom I bought a few years before. I had just gotten a new job and I was suppose to be moving up in the world, but I was never more unhappy. I still didn’t have the time to give to myself to learn and do new things. I thought back to that promise I made, and no it wasn’t sewing, but it was a craft I wanted to learn more about. I craved knowledge in the ability to make something with my own hands. I started knitting a baby blanket for an expecting friend, and that led me to finding a teacher at a local craft store. Well all eventually evolved in a learning and great love (obsession as my boyfriend would say) of not only loom knitting, but also traditional knitting and crochet. Now if I can’t be home playing with yarn I’m looking online to find patterns and read whatever I can about the crafts. And just when I thought I’d have enough to fill my crafty appetite — I did just tell my grandmother, “Grandma, I think I’m taking a sewing lesson.”

Signed Copies of Craft Corps to Benefit Jason Orpe & ALS

May 14, 2010

Get a signed copy of my book, Craft Corps for a limited time on Etsy! All proceeds will go to benefit the Jason Orpe MojoFest and ALS (aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease) Awareness.

You can see my video here, which explains what MojoFest is and how your Craft Corps purchase will got to help my dear friend Jason, who’s battling ALS.

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity!


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