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Dominique Plourde

Dominique Plourde

Name: Dominique Plourde

41 years oldĀ  (but I feel 25 right now!)

Location: Saint-Hyacinthe (near Montreal, province of Quebec, Canada)

Profession : Education consultant

Craft(s) of Choice: mostly sewing at the moment…

Blog: http://dominiquepl-english.blogspot.com/

I always wanted to be an artist, tried many mediums, felt odd about it and am now happy to say I’m a crafter. I’m progressively leaving my day-job for a career in crafting though the financial insecurity is killing me. I started sewing a couple of years ago, nothing serious, mostly curtains, bibs, cushions and an occasional quilt. Last Christmas I made simple tote bags for my colleagues at work and they were impressed by them. Another friend suggested I start selling them. I couldn’t believe I could but the idea grew on me and I decided to go for it. I create unique items and I feel I can spend the rest of my life doing that. I’m developing the website where my creations will be sold online (with the help of a skilled husband). I believe in handmade, in the fact that we need to slow down and to spend more time enjoying what we have to live a happy, serene life. I am inspired by colors, music, words, travels, simplicity and laughter. Daydreaming is one of my favorite activity, besides crafting, of course!

Signed Copies of Craft Corps to Benefit Jason Orpe & ALS

May 14, 2010

Get a signed copy of my book, Craft Corps for a limited time on Etsy! All proceeds will go to benefit the Jason Orpe MojoFest and ALS (aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease) Awareness.

You can see my video here, which explains what MojoFest is and how your Craft Corps purchase will got to help my dear friend Jason, who’s battling ALS.

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity!


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