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Rowan Grant

Rowan Grant

Name: Rowan Grant

Age: 26

Location: Shipley, UK

Profession: University Administration

Craft(s) of Choice: Making jewellery and accessories

Blog: KitschenSinkUK.blogspot.com

I grew up making stuff. My Grandma used to save toilet roll tubes for me and I’d turn them into families of toilet roll people. I spent a lot of time with Grandma; a Florist by trade and art-school trained, she had a chest full of crafting treasures. I think Mum was worried that Grandma got annoyed that I was using up all her materials. Grandma said she was just glad I had an interest and didn’t spend all day watching TV. So we painted pictures, knitted, crocheted, embroidered, decorated eggs, glued, cut, knotted…

I started dabbling with jewellery in 2005. I saw some earrings in a boutique made from scraps of ribbon. I was quite shocked; little imagination or skill had gone into them, and they were so expensive! Anyway, I was unemployed at the time. And skint. So I made some jewellery from bottle tops. I put them on Ebay and couldn’t believe it when they sold, and was even more delighted with feedback I received from the buyer who bought another 3 pieces! I experimented with using bits of toys, which is how I came up with my theme – childhood memories.

Skills and ideas develop over time, especially when you aren’t following traditional techniques. I endeavour to create something unique, and so I’m now working with wood, paper and resin… along with bits of toys I find! I know Grandma can see my success from heaven. I have so many childhood memories to thank her for.

Signed Copies of Craft Corps to Benefit Jason Orpe & ALS

May 14, 2010

Get a signed copy of my book, Craft Corps for a limited time on Etsy! All proceeds will go to benefit the Jason Orpe MojoFest and ALS (aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease) Awareness.

You can see my video here, which explains what MojoFest is and how your Craft Corps purchase will got to help my dear friend Jason, who’s battling ALS.

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity!


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