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Tammy Bullins

Tammy Bullins

Name: Tammy Bullins

Age: 51

Location: Gladbrook, Iowa

Profession: They call me a sandwich, I take care of my mother and son. Which they both have Bipolar and my son also has Autism. I am wanting to take some college classes soon.

Craft(s) of Choice: Crochet, Beading, Sewing, Alot of different crafts too!

I crochet a lot. I have time doing so watching my mother. I do crafts with my son, He and I pass the whole day with paper mach’e to stamping. He has so much inspiration he really gets my creativity going. Then their is my sis who gets me everytime, to craft or do something new. What a good life!

Signed Copies of Craft Corps to Benefit Jason Orpe & ALS

May 14, 2010

Get a signed copy of my book, Craft Corps for a limited time on Etsy! All proceeds will go to benefit the Jason Orpe MojoFest and ALS (aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease) Awareness.

You can see my video here, which explains what MojoFest is and how your Craft Corps purchase will got to help my dear friend Jason, who’s battling ALS.

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity!


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