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Christina Neuschwander

Christina Neuschwander

Name: Christina Neuschwander


Location: Kent (Seattle) Washington

high school history teacher

Craft(s) of Choice:
sewing bags and purses, also blankets and some children’s clothing, I also do lots of other crafty things, I just like lots of different types of crafts!

Blog: www.columbialily.blogspot.com

My mom made me learn to sew in elementary school as a part of 4-H…I wanted to grow cows instead!!! When I got into junior high and high school, I stopped sewing – it wasn’t cool! But then, I went to college, and realized that sewing wasn’t something that a lot of people did, and in fact, was something that people would pay me to do for them, so I started to get back into it. When I got a teaching job, people where I worked began to find out that I sewed and I started getting requests for baby blankets and t-shirt blankets. I started making things to sell when I moved to Seattle last year and am really trying to get an etsy business going (columbialily.etsy.com). The cost of living is much higher here than where I lived and I took a pay cut to move here, so the craft thing not only helps me relax (teaching can be quite stressful….150 teenagers a day – fun times!) but also adds a tiny little bit to my income. I like sewing the best, but I have also taught myself to scrapbook, refinish and recover furniture, decoupage, knit and crochet, among other things. I love “upcycling” or using items in nontraditional ways and am particularly interested in using t-shirts for something besides what they were initially designed for.

Signed Copies of Craft Corps to Benefit Jason Orpe & ALS

May 14, 2010

Get a signed copy of my book, Craft Corps for a limited time on Etsy! All proceeds will go to benefit the Jason Orpe MojoFest and ALS (aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease) Awareness.

You can see my video here, which explains what MojoFest is and how your Craft Corps purchase will got to help my dear friend Jason, who’s battling ALS.

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity!


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